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We offer a wide variety of menus to suite any occasion from Anniversary Events to mouth watering desserts for your kids Birthday Party. If your not sure, just give us a call 087 922 9193 or email us hello@biablastacatering.com, we would only be delighted to recommend the perfect dish

We ask you to note that some of our dishes contain or may contain some of the 14 allergens listed below. We have attached our full menu for your information and safety. Should you or any of your Guests have specific allergen queries, Please call me on 086 922 9193 and I will be happy to list the full ingredients of any dish for you. Each dish containing the allergens is noted with the following code:

Gluten – G
Crustaceans – C
Eggs – E
Fish – F

Molluscs – M
Soybeans – S
Peanuts – P
Nuts – N

Milk – M
Celery – CY
Mustard – MD

Seasame Seeds – SS
Sulphites – SP
Lupin – L

Gluten – G
Crustaceans – C
Eggs – E
Fish – F
Molluscs – M
Soybeans – S
Peanuts – P
Nuts – N
Milk – M
Celery – CY
Mustard – MD
Seasame Seeds – SS
Sulphites – SP
Lupin – L

Hot & Cold Buffet

All of our dishes are served with your choice of Rice or Potatoes €10.25 per person. Min Order for Hot Dishes is 10 Portions.

- Fillet of Beef Stroganoff. (G.M.)
- Chicken & Mushroom Vol Au Vents. (G.E.M)
- Chicken Curry. (M.CY.)
- Beef Lasagne (Can only be ordered in 10 or 20 portions and is served with Tossed Salad & Garlic Bread). (G.E.M)
- Chicken A La King (G.M.CY.)
- Sweet ‘n Sour Pork. (CY.)
- Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry. (CY.M.)
- Traditional Irish Lamb Stew. (CY.)
- Beef & Vegetable Casserole. (CY.)
- Vegan Tex Mex 3 Bean Chilli (CY.)

We recommend 2 Hot Dishes Served with Boiled Rice & Potatoes, Tossed Salad, Coleslaw & Pasta Salad with a Freshly Baked Bread Selection for just €12.75 Per Person

Cold Meat Platter

Min Order 10 Portions.

- Rolled & Stuffed Roast Turkey Slices with Cranberry Sauce €2.75 per portion. (G. SP.)
- Roast Sirloin of Beef with Horseradish Cream €2.95 per person. (M)
- Baked Honey Glazed Ham with English Mustard €2.75 per portion. (MD)
- Selection of Salamis & Parma Ham with Mixed Pickles Platter for 10 people €55.00 (SP.)

Salmon Platter

Minimum order of 10 portions - €75.00

- Salmon & Baked Salmon Platter With Pickled Cucumber & Marie Rose Dressing Platter for 10 people €75.00 (F.C.SP.CY.E.)

Selection of Salads

€1.75 per portion. Min Order 10 Portions

- Traditional Homemade Coleslaw. (E.)
- Tossed Green Baby Leaf Salad. (MD)
- Potato & Spring Onion Salad. (E.)
- Pasta Salad with Mixed Peppers & Marie Rose Dressing. (E. CY.)
- Cous Cous with Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Luxury Salads

€2.25 per portion. Min Order 10 Portions

- Roast Mediterranean Style Vegetable Salad. (G.)
- Tomato & Mozzarella on a Bed of Crisp Rocket Leaves. (M)
- Apple & Leek Salad.
- Chicken Caesar Salad with Shaved Parmesan. (E.F.)
- Chicken Curry Salad with Coconut with Almond Scented Rice. (E.CY.)
- Baby Boiled Potato Salad with Rosemary & Balsamic Reduction.

Mini Tartlets & Large Quiches

7cm Base. Mini Tartlets €5.50 each, minimum order of 12.
Large Quiche €14.50 (Serves 8)

Please select fillings
- Crispy Bacon, Leek & Brie Cheese. (E.G.)
- Baby Leaf Spinach & Mushroom. (E.G.)
- Broccoli & Blue Cheese.

Homemade Sausage Rolls with Red Pepper Relish. (Large) €3.50 (G. MD)

Selection of Crudities

€12.50 per 10 persons. Always good on arrival with drinks.

- Crisp Carrot, Cucumber & Celery. (CY.)
- Served with a Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese Dip. (M.)

Irish Farmhouse Cheese Board

€75.00 - Platter for 10 people

- A Selection of Irish Cheese with assorted Biscuits & Grapes. (M.SS.)

Bread Basket

A Variety of Freshly Baked Breads (G.M.N)

- Oatmeal Soda Bread. €4.00
- 3 Seed Health Bread. €4.50
- White Soda Bread. €3.50
- Small White Rolls. 60c

Selection of Desserts

All our Desserts are Homemade & are fresh on the day of delivery.

- Fresh Fruit Pavlova €23.50 (14 Portions) (E.M.)
- Selection of Cheese Cakes (Can be Gluten Free on request) Choose From Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry or Baileys €23.50 (16 Portions) Raspberry & White Chocolate €25.00 (M.N)

Chocolate Fudge Gateau €30.00 12" square, €45.00 Ganached and Presented as Occasion Cake. (E.G.M)
- Sticky Toffee Pudding €25.00 12" square (We recommend you serve both of these Gateaux Slightly Warm With Vanilla Ice Cream) (E.G.M)
- Banoffi Pie €19.50 (14 Portions) (N.M)
- Bakewell Tart €19.50 (12 Portions) (E.G.M)
- Deep Filled Apple Pie €17.50 (12 Portions) (E.G.M)
- Rhubarb & Berry Crumble 14.50 (10 Portions) (E.G.M)
- Chocolate Biscuit Cake €13.50 2Lbs Loaf Tin, €30.00 12" square, €45.00 ganached and presented as Occasion Cake. (E.G.M.N.)

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